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Il Divo

So, where does one start off when one writes a blog?

With a happening that triggered you to want to share something with the world (or a certain amount of friends, I highly doubt the world has so little time on their hands that they enjoy my rambling).

Aaaanywho, it's late, and I'm bored. What other reason could I possibly have to want to share my life? I have a perfectly good amount of diaries I could have written in, and that way also have known that I would be able to read this stuff over sometime in the future. If I forget this blogname, I'm effed.

Last night (15.03.09) I went to see "An evening with Il Divo" with my mother. This is the second time we see the band, and I decided that it would be worth to pay 3 times as much money for the tickets in order to be VIP. Or...sort of VIP. We got hottickets from Live Nation, and a crummy little gift. I almost cried when I relized how much money I had spent, and that the xtra stuff we recieved ended up being kinda crap.

BUT, I held my head up high and hoped that the seats would be more decent than the '06 "vip" seats.

I only spent an hour doing hair and make-up (as opposed to the 3hrs in '06) and we were out the door at 06.30pm.

We were promised our own entrance, and were a bit surprised to see a huuuuuge line there. With equally surprised people.

But the line moved fast, and we were inside in no time.

Mom nonchalantly walked past the gift-stand, and for the first time EVER, I didn't get anything. Thankfully there wasn't much that was cool there anyway, even tho I liked the tee with the burlesque lady with the band name over.

And then we found our seats...

I nearly started screaming like a crazy person... For real, no lie.

We sat on the 7th row. THE 7TH ROW FROM THE STAGE!! And on the end of it, and since they had made the seats diagonal and stuff, there were no people infront of us! The seats were pure heaven! There were different groupings of seats, but we were in the group closest to the right side of the stage.

I finally understood what I had paid that kind of money for, I was like 15ft away from touching the stage that my boys would be walking on.

We sat near the right "runway", and the boys walked there all the time, one at the time.

When the show started there were plenty of lights. As promised it was gonna be a "show". That was actually the only thing that let me down, whoever made the show didn't really pay much attention to the songs they guys were singing. Most of the things on the screen behind them were kind of pointless. The exception was the burning dress during one of the first songs. That visual was incredible. There were other nifty parts as well, slightly haute couture, but nothing as grand and amazing as we had been promised. And one of the lights kept hitting me right in the eyes when it moved.

During "Isabel" David was standing on the runway right infront of us. That was by far one of my favorite moments in..LIFE. Seriously, hearing MY song, being sung TO ME, by DAVID MILLER. That was just amazing. I really thought my heart was gonne crawl out up my throat, out of my mouth and jump into his arms. I will never forget that moment. I didn't think it was possible, but "Isabel" means so much more to me now than it did a few days ago.

The rest of the show was great, even tho they didn't sing some of my fav songs from the first album. Understandable enough, but they got quite a few great songs in. They also sang "Bridge over troubled water" specially for this tour, and in the encore they sang "Impossible Dream", also for this tour.

They ended their show with "My way (a mi manera)" and we all got up and gave them a standing ovation. (Those of us that didn't get up during "La vida sin amor"to dance salsa we're more than happy to stand up now)

At that point we started moving closer to the stage, and we ended up right next to it. The boys came out to sing "Amazing grace" in WONDERFUL suits (those penguin suits, I adore those) and Carlos came out on our side. He waved and smiled at us all, but none of us thought to actually stretch our hands out. When we all realized we could do that he had passed. Seb didn't go to our side, but Urs made his way up. Mom kept pushing me to stretch my hands out, but I didn't want to look like one of those crazy girls that does it just so they can touch them, but they don't own any cd's or know their names. So he passed. And David was walking behind him, and I figured this could easily be my only chance to ever touch his hand, and just as mom got ready to slap me upside the head I stretched out. He reached out and took my hand in his. For a split second David and I held hands. And even tho he didn't look at me, that was an amazing feeling. Adrenaline pushed thru my veins. Not only because I touched him (which should really be kind of trivial) but because I actually dared to stretch out. I don't think I would have slept if I DIDN'T do it, but it was great.

The show ended and I turned around to see mom smirking like a cat that finally ate the canary. I didn't wanna say anything, but I was so proud and happy, and she managed to be quiet for at LEAST a minute before bursting out that that was sooo cool etc.

I know that one could have paid a little more money, gotten VIP tickets to sit in the "pit", drink champagne, meet the guys and take pictures with them before the show.

I didn't want that. Had Il Divo been a different act. A pop or rock act, and I loved them as much, I could have done that. But those guys aren't regulars on gossip blogs. I make a big deal NOT to figure out everything about them. That way they stay special and mysterious. And that made the handshake-thingy mean THAT much more. It's like touching a dream. Something completely abstract.

Needless to say; I'm beyond happy.

And this week will just keep getting better!:)