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Oh The movies, my goodness!!!

Moondance - Michael Bublè (originally by Van Morrison)

So this week I've watched more beautiful movies than I've done in a long time.
I've cried, I've laughed and I've been holding my breath. I feel like I've lived a hundred lives this week alongside my own.
There has been a lot of chaos going on in my personal life, and I'm trying as hard as I can to not let it affect me, but it has been quite clear that I've been quite destroyed subconsciously. That was made crystal clear for me every time I watched one of these movies, because I never cry when I watch movies. But this week I've cried like a little baby.
The first movie I saw I checked out because I read this one quote online that was from the movie:

"You know what? Fuck beauty contests. Life is one fucking beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work... Fuck that. And fuck the Air Force Academy. If I want to fly, I'll find a way to fly. You do what you love, and fuck the rest."

For anyone that doesn't know, this line is said by Dwayne in the movie "Little miss Sunshine"
Now I'd heard about this movie, quite alot actually, but there didn't seem to be anything "in it for me". When I read that quote I knew I had to see it. I also stumbled over this picture that settled whatever doubt I might have had.

 Anyway, I really loved Steve Carell in this movie, and I usually find him annoying. I like the depth he brought to this character. But it helps that the movie is a pure joy to watch. It was just adorable.

The second movie also triggered my attention primarily from a quote. I didn't think much of the quote the times I read it, but when I came over the book and started reading it, and the quote was put in context, it made a really powerful statement.

"What we have here is a dreamer. Someone completely out of touch with reality.
When she jumped, she probably thought she could fly."

This is said after the boys study the diary of Cecilia Lisbon. A 13 year old girl that had just comitted suicide.
The movie is "The Virgin Suicides", and I'd heard of this one as well. Sophia Coppola made a small piece of art in this movie. It's haunting, sad and confusing. I can't really say too much, but it is a "dialogue-movie". It reminded me a bit of "Wristcutters: A love story", but with a tragic twist. I recommend both of them!

The third movie was something I found in the discount bin at our local record shop. I didn't really have any money for a movie, but it called on me :p
It was just magical from beginning to end.
It helps that the kid playing the main character is Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the chocolate factory and the spiderwick chronicles)
It's like I couldn't ask for a more lovable kid to play a really heartwarming character.
The this that surprised me in this movie was how at first sight the actors chosen to play their roles were a complete mismatch. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (whom I've never bothered to watch in anything) and Keri Russel (our own Felicity) play a couple. What? But it actually works amazingly. Their look, mainly their eyes and lips, is so mesmerizing and beautiful that I can't remember why I didn't think they'd work.
Robin Williams is a despicable villain. Just a loathesome guy that you get mad at. Didn't think that one would work either, but it did.
The movie in question is called "August Rush" and is about hearing the music.
Needless to say, there is a whole lot of fantastic music in this film, and Rhys Meyers actually sings the songs he performes in the movie.
Argh, I could talk about it forever, so just go watch it.
The quote here is said by Highmore in the beginning of the movie (though there are plenty good ones to choose from, just like in the other movies):

"But I believe in music... The way that some people believe in fairy tales."


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