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Today was my second day of school.
Today was also the first time I realized what I had chosen as my career in life. I am actually gonna be a teacher. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to chose this path.

One of my english teacher spoke of the things we would encounter as teachers, and I actually got emotional. I think that's a great sign. She was very passionate about being a teacher, and I do hope I have the same amount of passion and joy in my work as she seems to have.

We are quite a few people in my class, and I have returned to my old ways when put in a school environment. I think it'll all work out nicely as soon as I learn to relax and not take myself too seriously. I must admit I'm not too keen on getting as many friends as possible, and this first week is all about being drunk and meeting new people.
Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy getting my dumb ass drunk, but I don't think that's the best way for ME personally to make friends. I understand that drinking makes people more social, but I just don't see myself gaining too much on it.
I also have zero money, and we all know that getting drunk isn't free. So no go for me.

I got turned down for a job today. That is the first time I've ever been turned down after going to an interview. I suppose the painkillers I was on were a bit stronger than I thought. I seriously can't think of any other reason for being turned down. I'm a great worker and I have a great CV.
I do have my doubts as to what my former boss might have said about me, but I could never imagine that he would say anything negative out of spite.
Would he?

Oh well, just have to keep looking. Again.

I really hate this part...


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