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For blue skies - Strays don't sleep

Spotify has made my life so much easier when it comes to discovering new music.
Since I don't really like downloading music I've always had a hard time looking for new music without being a douche about it.
I figured I could download a song and if I liked the essence of it I would buy the album to support the people behind the music, but it has always been a hassle.

Since my iPod got stolen and I lost 8500 songs I didn't have saved anywhere I'm terrified of using my new iPod. I put 200 songs on it when I got it, and I haven't added anything else since. I'm just so scared that I'll lose it again, and it hurts less knowing I only lose 200 songs. I know, crappy attitude, I should just do serious backups of all my songs, but fuck that, I don't wanna lose everything again!
With Spotify it's all registered on my account, and I can't really lose it:p

I'm the exact opposite of my father when it comes to music, I know there will always be good music out there just waiting for me to discover it. Dad thinks all good music ended in '67 or something with few exceptions.
I'm always looking.
And I can't even describe the feeling I get when I find something new, I get completely euphoric about it.

With Spotify this has been a dance in the park for me. I can look up songs and artists at a whim, and I've found sooo much that I had never heard about.
Yes, I do pay the monthly fee so that I don't have to listen to the comercials, but it's nothing compared to how much I use it! It's playing at least 12hrs every day, and it's always being updated.

I just love, love LOOOOOOOVE my Spotify!!!!!


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