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My dear GHAWD how it hurts!!

I have had this pain (in what I thought was my tooth) for over two weeks now. Turns out it wasn't my tooth. Yes, I had to face my crippling fear of dentists just in order to be told that my teeth were fine.
So I figured it had to be my ear. By now it was hurting a whole lot more.
Went to the doctor with half my face/jaw in pain only to hear him say that, nope, he couldn't really see any reason for the pain.
He was kind enough to prescribe me some painkillers, but they honestly don't work half as well as I'd wish they did.
He also gave me some sort of medicine. I checked what it was for...
STDs... Wow, ok. If my pain doesn't end by monday I have to go back in to check it out.

Problem: I start school this tuesday. If this pain isn't gone by monday I'll scream my head off!
I can't even describe it, it's like there is something expanding inside my teeth and jawline. The pain is throbbing, it's seriously some of the worst shit I've ever been through!



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