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Me in the hospital?

Breaking inside - Shinedown

I have been seriously threatened three times in my life. All three times it was said that I was gonna be put in the hospital with a disfigured face.

The first time was by an unknown girl and her gang when I was 13 years old. She was mouthy, but the only physical contact she made was when she grabbed my face and squeezed. I had been rude with her because she was picking on my friend.
I was mentally destroyed after this incident. I was scared for weeks and exhausted from thinking too much.

The second time was this summer before I turned 22.
The perpetrator in this case was a drunk guy I was familiar with from work. He was also very descriptive when he told me all the things we would do to my face. I had been trying to calmly get back my jacket that he had taken from me and was currently wearing.
One thing I remember hearing him say quite vividly was that I was gonna have to swallow my teeth. The only physical contact he made was grabbing my jacket and refusing to let go. He pulled me close and held me and spat out threat after threat.
I was a little shaken by that incident. I was mostly angry, but it lasted for 3 or 4 days.

The third time was yesterday.
This time I was threatened by someone I know very well. This person only said that another comment from me would cost me serious time in the orthopedic part of the hospital. So I said "yeah right"
The only physical contact this person made was when they grabbed my face and shook my head. I got up and started yelling at them. This person then grabbed my face again and slapped me several times with a free hand.
I feel nothing. No fear, no anger, no sadness.

So I don't understand, shouldn't it have been the other way around? Shouldn't it hurt me more that someone I know well would put their hands on me than a complete stranger?
I am a little angry, but mainly because I can't seem to get into a real fight.
Yeah I know that sounds beyond stupid, but it annoys me that the three incidents with serious threats were made by complete pussies.
Maybe that is what pisses me off the most? That they were all big-mouthed pussies with no balls to back up their words?
I figure if you're gonna say something like that, be prepared to back that shit up. If not, keep your ugly mouth SHUT!


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